Tips for Finding the Best Essay Writing Service for Students

As a student, you always worry about what you pay for – it’s basically part of the job description. Not everyone has the advantage of being the heir of a wealthy prince. Therefore, as commoners, we need to “stretch” our money as much as we can. This means that we need to put on our Sherlock hats and look for the best website for essay writing out there.

But how do we know how to pick? Well, going from student to student, we made surveys on how the best essay writing services should look like. And here are the things that seem to be of the most importance:

  1. Recommendations

Have you ever actually heard of someone using this website or are they some ghost service you never even heard of before? In your search for a good essay writing service, you will have to make some polls.

Ask your friends if they ever used an essay writing service. And if they did, which one did they choose? Did they have a good experience with them? Was the money worth the paper that they received? If yes, then you may have found yourself a gold mine.

You may also want to look for recommendations online – only keep in mind that not all the bad reviews are the website’s fault. Sometimes, a client may not have given all the instructions, in which case the writer simply had little to work on. Be sure to make inquiries before believing a bad comment.

  1. Samples

Every writing service should have some samples at hand. It’s the same principle for when you buy pastry or clothes; you need to see an example of how they work.

Even if they are not present on the website, the best paper writing service shouldn’t be reluctant to give you a free sample of their work. If they ask you for money to view that sample, THAT’S when you need to worry. But the best one will have the interest of the customer in mind and won’t be afraid to do whatever it takes to gain your trust.

The most you would have to do in order to view a sample should be to set up an account. This, however, should not require you to make any deposits or pay any fees.

  1. Cost

How expensive is their service compared to the others you found online? Do you know exactly what you are paying for? Are there any hidden fees in that price? Some companies, for instance, ask extra for proofreading your paper while others do it completely free of charge (because logically speaking, they should proofread any text before sending it out).

Try to make a comparison: what you get vs. what you receive. A good essay writing service should charge no less than $8 and no more than $15. If they go beyond those limits, then the website is may be a scam.

  1. Benefits

If you are not yet sure which essay writing service is the best, then you may want to look into the extras that they offer. Do they have newcomer discounts? Or discounts for returning customers? What about plagiarism reports? These would help a great deal in your decision of whether or not they are the best.

The best essay writing service should be fairly popular, average in price (because cheap ones are obviously a trap) and should be accompanied by several benefits. If you ticked all the aspects mentioned above, then you definitely found the best men (or women) to write your essay.


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